It was passion that brought Jacob (Jake "Lil' Buffalo Chopper" Lebowitz) to the valley in August 2016. After graduating from Johnson & Wales University, he continued to submerge himself in the culinary world. From fine dining restaurants to pop-up ramen cafe's, fish monger to freelance farmer, Jake traveled up the East Coast and all through Italy until finally arriving in Avon where his love of food still holds him today. Vera crib, vera viva (true food, true life) was a common expression on the farms and its an expression Jake and the team are happy to uphold everyday.

51 Beaver Creek Place, Avon, CO, United States

844-340-MEAT or 970-470-4326

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​Thank you for taking a moment to learn a bit about our butcher shop!  We are the Hudgens, a husband and wife team from the Vail Valley. You could say locals...although our journeys begin in different places. Together our business and mission is all about loving our state, the people we meet, practicing a healthy lifestyle, being an advocate for animals while giving back. Five years ago we crossed paths after years of doing our own things. During that time Chris honed in the skills of butchery while Brittany carefully learned the ins and outs of business management. After rekindling our long lost friendship we dreamt of a butcher shop that could prove what you are eating and where it came from. It wasn't easy but over the next year we cruised the dirt roads of Colorado to find the highest quality Colorado pastured animals, produce and products available. Now starting the fourth year of this journey it has proven to be exciting and educational for us and our now loyal customers. We will continue to push the bar for sustainable agriculture here in Colorado, all the while educating those who are interested about the benefits of pastured meat (full of flavor and free of additives). This business is proving that you can cut the middle man out of the equation, shop local in a mountain town and most importantly you can do anything you work hard for. We invite you to come in and taste the difference of a true artisan butchery in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. 


Shortly after opening CO Meat Co. we were informed that Brittany's relatives in Skellefteå Sweden once owned a huge butchery! "I guess this runs in my family, I just thought that growing up on farm in South Dakota was my motivation and roots!"

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