Located 56 miles from Vail and 70 miles from Aspen, the 1,017-acre Colorado River Ranch has it all - fishing, horseback riding, hunting, rafting, ATVing and traditional cattle ranching. The ranch is adjacent to virtually unlimited public lands at the base of the Flattops Mountains and the White River National Forest and Flattops Wilderness with two miles of superb fishing and boating on a private stretch of the Colorado River with additional private ponds. Colorado River Ranch is an all natural cattle and hay production property with several hundred acres of irrigated hay meadows, ponds, trails and the Colorado River.

Youngwirth Farms is a small family farm in Delta, and has been raising cattle for 35 years. We started raising cattle because we wanted the food we eat to be free of hormones and antibiotics and raised in a humane and sustainable manner. Most recently, we have also become concerned with the use of GMO feeds, and only use feed produced from non-GMO seed. Our cattle spend their summer on pasture near McClure Pass, and their winters on our farm in Delta.

We are a two and a half acre farm that strives for health in our livestock, quality in our lives, and sustainability for our community. We began in 2013 with some broilers and berries, and have continued to grow since. We now raise 1000 meat birds, run a small raw goat dairy and manage a small herd of intensive rotationally-grazed Highland Cattle. We enjoy providing quality food for local families.

At the XK Bar Ranch our passion is stewarding healthy lands and growing healthy food. We buy weaned calves and grow them out for about 18 months on grass pastures, feeding grass hay thru the winter. Our recipe is simple; lots of sunshine and fresh air, snowmelt water straight off the mountain, robust stands of grass and free choice trace minerals and salt licks. Really its that simple!

Highwire Ranch

Zimmerman Hog Farm strives to breed the highest quality genetics in Berkshire Pork available. This farm is more than just raising animals, here they grow organic vegetables and mix the animals feed too! 


Songbird Ranch is a historic ranch working to provide high quality grass fed and finished beef while raising our family around the ranching lifestyle.  We currently have black and red Angus cows that are generating high quality rocky mountain grass fed and finished beef.

Theos Swallow Fork Ranch

Zimmerman's Hog Farm


Youngwirth Farms

100% grass fed Bison and Elk always Non-GMO and gluten free. Our animals are not given hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics.

Buttercrunch Farm is an aquaponic lettuce, herb and micro facility. Aquaponic growing is 90% more sustainable than organic soil growing.

XK Bar Ranch

Buttercrunch Farms

Colorado River Ranch

Gray Acres

LeValley Ranch

LeValley Ranch is a multi-generational ranch located outside of Crawford, Colorado.  LeValley Ranch has a long history of innovation and managing their cattle with the consumer and landscape in mind.  LeValley Ranch is a cow-calf ranch that also manages locally sourced yearlings.  LeValley Ranch was awarded the Excellence in Rangeland Management award by the Colorado Society of Range Management in 2011 for their continual focus on rangeland health and diversity. Mark, Hank and Robbie LeValley are one of six owners of Homestead Meats who have been selling meat direct to consumers since 1995.  Homestead Meats offers LeValley Ranch a diverse marketing outlet for their high quality beef and gives the consumer confidence in the source of cattle as we control the product from the “gate to the plate.” LeValley Ranch is proud to partner with Colorado Meat Company to provide a high quality, locally sourced product that the consumer can feel good about.

Songbird Ranch


The Theos Family has been been raising sheep for 4 generations. We established our ranching operation in the early 1920’s and continue to ranch just outside Meeker, Colorado. Our operation utilizes both public and private land and has for several generations.  Angelo and Anthony Theos raise Merino sheep for their fine wool and their ability to raise quality lamb. Not only do the sheep provide food and fiber for people they are also natural fire suppressors through the grazing process. We are very proud to offer our lamb to Colorado Meat Company customers and will continue this effort for years to come..